Shure SM 58 Mikrofons Ar Vadu

The SM58 is known as the world’s most popular performance microphone. It is an instantly recognizable icon for performance and can be seen in the hands of anyone from Pop Idols and Presidents, to Podcasters, Poets and MC’s It is also a very effective microphone for live streaming and podcasting. Simply connect the SM58 to either an MVi, an X2U, or your audio interface of choice, and you’ve got a very affordable and durable kit for your live stream.


* Cena norādīta bez PVN par vienu lietošanas reizi vai 24h
* Nomājot uz 2 vai vairāk dienām atlaide līdz 50%
* Nav iekļauta piegāde
* Saņemšana Šmerļa iela 3, Rīga